Emotional Intelligence Highlighted by the Auditor/Reviewer Relationship

We will investigate what emotional intelligence is and how it applies to our relationship to others. Specifically, the focus will be on the relationship & interactions between auditors and quality reviewers. We will learn what the actual definition of emotion is and how recognizing the physical components of emotion and how naming our emotions correctly can lead towards constructive learning and resolutions and how unbridled, it can lead to toxic interactions and undesirable working relationships.


Identify & Define the 5 components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

Review how our minds receive/process information (spinal cord/ limbic system/ frontal cortex) & highlight the physical responses generated in the limbic system 

Learn the difference between response & reaction to help create a cohesive environment between auditors & reviewers 

Relate how auditors, reviewers & others can apply these concepts to all of their relationships

Phillip Gorrill has been in the premium audit field since 2005 and is currently the Regional Director of Premium Audit at Accelevant Premium Audit. Prior to overseeing business and employee development in the mid-west, he spent his days in the field auditing every type of business from oil, gas, trucking and construction to life sciences, financial institutions and law firms while at AIG & Chubb. He has been active in the local auditors’ association and has a keen interest in teaching and mentoring. Phillip holds his P&C license and recently obtained a Train the Trainer certificate and is certified in Emotional Intelligence Training. Phillip received a BS in Finance & Economics from North Central College and loved it so much he attained his MBA from the same school in Marketing & Leadership.


Emotional Intelligence Highlighted by the Auditor/Reviewer Relationship Webinar
Emotional Intelligence Highlighted by the Auditor/Reviewer Relationship Evaluation