Challenging Class Codes


This webinar will focus on workers compensation and general liability class codes that are similar but different. Selecting the wrong one not only results in a loss of premium but proves to be difficult to correct when auditing the following year. It is so important to get it right the first time. Topics that we be discussed: 

 Showroom employees
 Glass merchants and glaziers
 Carpentry interior and carpentry residential
 Concrete class codes
 Electrical wiring codes
 Landscaping, lawn maintenance, tree pruning, hardscaping
 Painting GL codes
 And of course the misuse or abuse of 8227 and 5606


Clarify difference between two similar class codes so the auditor can clearly explain to the customer and agent why one code applies instead of another.

Kurt Lang is a Premium Audit Manager for the Heartland Region for Selective Insurance, which comprises of seven Midwest states. Supervises both mail and physical auditors. Much experience with audit disputes which is the basis of my webinar.


Challenging Class Codes Webinar
Challenging Class Codes Evaluation